Pet Accommodation

Do you need your pet taken care of while you settle into your new home? That’s not a problem. Your Pet Travel Consultant can arrange to have your pet well looked after in pet accommodation. Whether it’s an overnight or longer stay, in a location in Australia or overseas, we can organise everything for you.

  • We will take the time to understand not just your travel plans, but your pet’s personality and specific requirements
  • The most suitable pet accommodation option will be selected
  • Our long-serving pet accommodation partners have been carefully hand-picked, they all love pets!
  • Your pet will be well cared for and have an enjoyable stay
  • If you have sibling pets and would prefer they stay together we will do our best to arrange this
  • Many pet accommodation partners offer state of the art facilities, with the option of extra play times and pet pics
  • Your pet must be up to date with their vaccinations at least two weeks prior to their stay. That’s C5 for dogs and F3 for cats. Our Resident Vets can assist (local dependent)
  • If your pet is enjoying a longer stay there may be an opportunity to visit them
  • Our experienced pet handlers will transport your pet in comfort to and from their pet accommodation